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Had the day off work so I decided to setup some Server Side Includes.
I think they are going to help with site maintinence quite a bit.


I finally decided it was time for a new website design, I think this one works quite well

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As of late, I have not had much time to work many new projects. Work keeps me pretty busy, I don't mind it too much because theres always some new project to work on or a process to refine. Lately i've been getting more and more into scripting, and starting to understanding the basics of Perl...nothing major, just trying to figuring out how to script most everyday functions and processes.

Email to SMS

I had some spare time, and wanted to learn how PHP mail() worked. What better way then to make a simple form to send an sms message.

The first part is a simple html form to enter the mobile number, select the carrier and enter the message. You can see that HERE

Next was writing the PHP code, you can view that here

You can grab a tar with both the html form and the php with a small readme file here

I'm always looking for new computer related problems and projects to work on.
If you have an idea, send me a message HERE