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Had the day off work so I decided to setup some Server Side Includes.
I think they are going to help with site maintinence quite a bit.


I finally decided it was time for a new website design, I think this one works quite well

other information

Hobbies, addictions, and such

Currently I spend a great deal of time learning new things, I'm taking a perl programming class at Mission this semester, and I have been working on web design a bit.

I am still involved with the Boy Scouts of America, mostly through the Order of the Arrow, right now I am the Ordeal advisor and webmaster.


When I get the chance I like to play World of Warcraft, have not have much time to play lately but I hope to get some play time in when the expansion comes out. I've really been enjoying some of the games on Kongregate Theres always something new to kill a few minutes here and there.