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Had the day off work so I decided to setup some Server Side Includes.
I think they are going to help with site maintinence quite a bit.


I finally decided it was time for a new website design, I think this one works quite well

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Expert Linux Systems Adminstration Consulting at your fingertips.
Linux Systems Administration Consulting


Since the last up date i've been promoted to a Network Operations Engineer.
I am also the new General Manager of Euphnet v3 in San Jose.
Long hours, but loving every minute of it.
Planning on heading out to Vegas next for my 21st birthday!!!
I picked up a new car back in October. Blue 2001 Audi A4 1.8t Quattro.
The Audi after I picked it up

8.16.2008 I just got hired at 8x8 Inc in the call center, job is fun and the company seems to be good. more coming soon.

So i just got a car
Dark blue Mustang GT
2002 Mustang GT on the lawn